Raman Open Database

Open-access collection of Raman spectra used for the SOLSA H2020 project.

All data on this site have been placed in the public domain by the contributors.

Currently there are 1133 entries in the ROD.
Latest deposited structure: 1000679 on 2019-10-15 at 06:51:58 UTC

Raman Open Database

Advisory Board

  • Lahfid Abdeltif,
  • Mohamed-Ramzi Ammar,
  • Jean-François Bardeau,
  • Xavier Bourrat,
  • Thanh Bui,
  • Daniel Chateigner,
  • Cédric Duée,
  • Yassine El Mendili,
  • Stephanie Gascoin,
  • Saulius Gražulis,
  • Bernard Hehlen,
  • Marc Jeannin,
  • Arun Kumar,
  • Monique Le Guen,
  • Charles Le Losq,
  • Gino Mariotto,
  • Nicolas Maubec,
  • Andrius Merkys,
  • Beate Orberger,
  • Sébastien Petit,
  • Henry Pilliere,
  • Andrea Sanson,
  • Maria Secchi,
  • Patrick Simon,
  • Adolfo Speghini,
  • Antanas Vaitkus,
  • Marco Zanatta

If you find bugs in the ROD or have any feedback, please contact us at
ROD bug report e-mail


Raman Open Database has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 689868

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